Emotion in Motion

We are a team of creative content creators and filmmakers, helping brands and companies tell their stories, using high level production and storytelling techniques of our fast-growing infotainment world.

Although founded only in 2011, we are professionals and creatives who offer combined decades of experience. By working with many different brands and industries worldwide, our core team has created a vastly colorful and versatile portfolio, using filmmaking as a unique possibility for us to stay curious and excited about all kinds of stories to tell and corporate identities to build.

Some Of The Brands That Trust Us

We’re on the same page

Working with corporate brands for years, we understand the pressure you are facing daily. Respecting your wishes and surpassing your expectations of us is what we have learnt to optimize.

Our team is composed of seasoned professionals, accustomed to considering the client’s side and incorporating given guidelines and ideas to build your brand, your way. Together we create the groundwork for your story, so we can take it from there.

The Dojo Way

At Dojo, things work a little different. We won’t present you with overstyled and premade concepts. First, we listen to you – we ask questions and help build your vision. Then we go to work.

This gives us the opportunity to offer a much more flexible production, easier to adapt to your feedback and quicker to digest your input for the final product.

Get your Dojo on!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s create a thousand pictures together and tell truly great stories.

Check out some of our latests projects on our landing page or visit our work section.

Agency vs. Production

We are always happy to support agencies and help build an overall creative strategy for our clients. As we know from experience that not all projects are suited for this kind of indirect approach, we offer to work with our clients directly as well. Even more direct communication, cost saving and an even more personal way to tell your stories, can be beneficial in certain cases.

We build to last

Dojo is more than just a one-time offer. We often build lasting relationships with clients and see our team as an extension of your company. We provide high quality services, such as video and animation, to support or present your events, showcases and exhibitions whenever needed.

We tell your stories

At heart, we are dedicated to upholding our own standards in high quality storytelling. We don’t deliver rushed products, as we only ever see our work as finished when the end result meets all of your expectations.

At the end, this is about more than just content production. We are storytellers and creatives, dedicated to evoke emotion in motion. Let’s introduce you to the Dojo Way.

Let's tell your stories today!

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